Simba Conscious

We acknowledge the textile industry’s history of poor labour and environmental practices.

We promise to take action — action for people and the environment, and social and economic change.

We are examining every stage of our product life cycles to see where we can do better.

We will empower others to work with us in pursuit of an ethical and sustainable future.

We commit to creating better.

Our promise

By 2030, we will be fully immersed in a circular economy by investing in a scalable end of life re-purposing program for 100% of our commercial linen.

To start this ambitious journey, our goal is to significantly deepen our sustainability and ethical procurement efforts in partnership with our suppliers and key customers. We seek to co-design innovative initiatives that benefit communities, reducing greenhouse emissions, water and waste, and benefiting the communities where we operate.

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    Modern Slavery Statement

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    Our why
    Our ethical sourcing criteria

    Ethical Sourcing Policy

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