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Quality Testing

We invest in independent QA testing experts at every country we manufacture in, plus additional accredited 3rd party testing. This ensures every product is manufactured to specification consistently and without compromise regardless of the country of manufacture, or choice of approved supplier.

We are on the ground floor at the manufacturing level to ensure you consistant quality.

Our Quality Testing Difference

Our Products are tested at a pre-approved facility for every purchase order.
100% Owned Offices in every country we manufacture in to ensure consistent on-site testing of product quality.
Our ‘whites’ are matched to universal spectrophotometer readings.
Additionally, we also partner with 3rd party testing facilities for our products.

We employ experts on the ground in every country we manufacture in to ensure that we forensically manage sustainability and ethical sourcing risks — including modern slavery.

I love the challenge of finding a solution. And I don’t stop until I do.”

David Tester - GM Quality