Product Stewardship

Areas of focus

We feel a responsibility for the products that we release into the world. This framework zeroes in on our operations and guides how we can make a tangible impact along with our partners.

Design for Sustainability

100% of our product range and packaging has been assessed against and meets circular design principles.
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Product Design Policy

Review and update product design policy to incorporate principles for circular design including designing for durability; minimising environment impact of production through design, distribution and end-of-life; and using low impact materials that have a low impact during use. For example, using pure fibre where appropriate.

Pilot Product Innovation

Work with key customers to pilot and test new product innovation with circularity outcomes. This may include minimising shedding of microplastics, replacing single use items and increasing product longevity.

Increase Recycled Fibres in Product

Identify and implement viable opportunities to use recycled fibres in our products.

Promote and Support Sustainable Use of Product

At least 60% of customers understand best practice in-use care and end-of life opportunities.
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Support Improvements to Commercial Laundering

Develop collaborations to lower the environmental impacts of commercial laundering including reducing microplastics, lower energy and emissions and water efficiency.

Product Care Education

Incorporate best practice in-use care instructions that can be shared with customers.

Product and Packaging Labelling

Incorporate end-of-life instructions for both product and packaging.

Manage End-of-Life

80% of product offering will include a take back scheme.
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Develop and implement a takeback scheme of Simba products at end-of-life. This may include RFID or similar traceability mechanism.


Work with recyclers and re-processors to manage stock for recycling into feedstock for new products or materials.


Unused/over-ordered stock to charitable organisations where possible.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

At Simba, we have developed our Simba Conscious framework and action plan with the UN SDG’s in mind. As we implement this plan, we are proud to be contributing to this global framework for impact.

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