Consistent and reliable linen with Ecobright technology. Bright whites, time and time again.


Minimising our impact on the environment



Lower effective peroxide levels means longer lasting linen



Consistent whites after every wash, each time

What is Simba Ecobright?

Ecobright applies advanced whitening technologies to deliver reliably consistent whites, with less damage to the cotton fibres and a reduced environmental impact. Ecobright is one part of Simba’s complete technology package which includes a new whitening chemistry and an enhanced, neutral optical brightening agent. This carefully considered combination ensures a crisp, bright whiteness.

Developed in collaboration with leading Australian textile chemical manufacturer, Oxford Technologies, our team of research and development experts designed Ecobright to use less chemicals and waste less energy while achieving a premium whiteness. Ecobright is pleased to be Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) registered. Our determination to deliver something both enduring and sustainable means that you will be able to enjoy the linen for longer.

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